Thursday, September 13, 2012

Firing #2!

and now for the pots from Fred Johnston's kiln...

 Jeff's big pot... 2' tall. I love this one and have a feeling it won't be around long.

 One of my gingko vases. I really wish I had been able to fire more of these in this kiln. The light salting makes it sparkle. The surfaces feels really nice.

 What's a salt firing without a pig?

 This bowl was supposed has robins egg blue on the interior... the reduction was heavy and it went pink. There were a couple of other pink things, I can live with this one, not sure about the others.

  Small rattle with maple leaf... I don't know what my attraction is to little baubles like this. I always want to keep them.

Jeff's large platter with textured rim.

I will get some good photos once bottoms are ground and sanded. We'll be taking most of these pots to Art in the Park in Charlotte a week from tomorrow. If you missed the post of firing #1 go back to the previous post from earlier today.


  1. Some great results, I like how the ginkgo vase turned out.

  2. WOW! These look good enough to eat! Actually I would like to pick them up and cuddle them.
    There's something about small things that are so comforting to hold or carry.
    BTW, should you ever make a ginko mug or beer mug, please let me know. I have two Jeffs but no Michele.

  3. They look fantastic. The ginko vase did come out really nice, I remember you had some concern about making them, I hope that's gone completely now.


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