Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kiln #1 unloaded

Jeff arrived with our pots from David's kiln late this afternoon...

 I am really happy with how these lids look "antiqued". These are made with Highwater porcelain 
 Wadding on the lids still need to be ground

 Very happy with the tumblers... I made these over a year ago. Some are regular B-mix, some are B-mix for wood. I actually prefer the regular. 

 Not a great photo, but Jeff's vase is gorgeous. 

 Seed pod rattle

and the first ginkgo cup is fired!

Fred Johnston just called to say he already unloaded his kiln so Jeff is off to get those next. How exiting, new pots from two different kilns in one day! Fred adds a little salt to his kiln and it's a much shorter firing. Jeff's BIG pots were in kiln #2, stay tuned for more photos!


  1. That's a lot of excitement for one week.

  2. The lid is wonderful and ginkgo cup is super.

  3. Lovely firing. I do like the tumblers and the combination of toasty shino (??)outside with the bluish inside.

  4. wow, Michele, everything looks so amazing! How will you part with that casserole?!

  5. thanks all!
    Tracey - i may have to live with the casseroles for a bit, but eventually they will go.

    Peter - the outsides of the tumblers are unglazed, the toastiness is from the melted wood ash.


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