Wednesday, September 12, 2012

RZ mask update

Remember when I reviewed the RZ mask?

A potter friend of mine bought one and sent me an e-mail stating that his mask came with a warning that it didn't filter silica... the main hazard in pottery. I looked through the packaging that came with my mask and didn't see anything with that type of warning.  Before my review I e-mailed the company and asked what size micron it would filter and they said .1.

Potter Emily Murphy was also contacted by the RZ Mask and asked to give a review, which she did. Since that time she also was made aware of the company's new warning label and you can read the update to her review here.

I find it unfortunate that the RZ Mask has been unresponsive to her, and other potters questions. I plan to e-mail the company to see if I can get a response. If the mask isn't suitable for ceramics just say so! I felt it was important to share this new information with readers.


  1. Your warning came just in time! I was all set to order one, but will wait pending further info.

  2. I was also finally going to get one...will now wait for next news. Thanks so much for sharing this info.

  3. Thanks for the update Michele. Bummer, it looked like such a nice alternative to the traditional ones...

  4. Really interesting about the masks, and I appreciated following the link to Emily Murphy's blog too. It is sad that the new ones aren't a good idea, as they look considerably more comfortable and convenient to use. For me, just reading about masks, has been a useful wake up call, as I was getting a bit neglectful in that department. So... a good mask is on the shopping list for today!

  5. It seems like if it were proper protection for dirt bike riders who may ride on trails of clay, it would also protect potters. My guess and hope is that they will make some changes so that it will filter silica.


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