Saturday, September 15, 2012

Strictly Functional 2012

The 2012 Strictly Functional Pottery National is now online, click here if you haven't seen it yet. Jeff is in good company, a couple of New England potter friends are also in the show... Maureen Mills and David Orser.

Jeff based his entries on knowing that Jack Troy was the juror and he definitely made the right call. A large number of the pots in the show are wood fired.

wood fired tray by Jeff Brown

Today is day two of glazing and then on to loading the gas kiln. Our goal is to fire tomorrow. Next weekend we will be in Charlotte for Festival in the Park. This is a first for me, Jeff did it 12 years ago. I hope it's a good show, it's long... Friday evening, Saturday till 9:30 pm, and all day Sunday. If you are in the Charlotte area come out to the park!


  1. I guess it pays to know the juror's preferences and background, nice platter, thanks for the link, one of these days I'll gather a few bucks to enter a show.

  2. Jeff's piece is really nice, but I didn't care for a good bit of the work in the show, not that the work is bad, it's just that most of it isn't the kind of functional pottery I like.... just goes to show, there is something for everybody out there :)

  3. there are a few pieces that don't do anything for me... but there is some really yummy wood fired work.

  4. I know, I think the wood fired work was the best part of the show too! of course, I'm partial to brown charred pots :)


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