Wednesday, October 3, 2012

are you hungry?

a nice selection of handmade pottery makes every meal more meaningful...

home made pizza, faceted cup by Jeff Brown

gnocchi with light tomato cream sauce, Watershed Salad Days Plate, and I forgot who made it, salad bowl is from Cornwall Bridge Pottery

veggie burger and tater tots, plate by John Zentner

cornbread with bacon and cheddar cheese, plate by Maureen Mills


  1. Nice selection indeed, I like the shape of that watershed salad days plate.

  2. I like the way food looks on hand made pottery, and I always like to see pots with food in or on them. Very nice indeed.

  3. To answer your title, yes I am hungry but everything would be cold or eaten before I got to the table. I need at least a 12 hr notice.

  4. I'm hungry now :) is the plate by Seth Payne? Looks like some he made a while back for salad days....

  5. Tracey - yes I believe it is Seth Payne. We have two of them, one is more orange and almost looks like a beetle. They are thick and heavy, lots of fun to eat out of.

  6. JZ plate! Good golly I made pizza last night too...... awesome pic of yours :)

  7. To paraphrase my dentist, using handmade pottery at the dinner table is magical.
    Yes, I'm hungry and I just finished lunch. Your food and pottery look fantastic.

  8. Yes...
    and I bought one of Seth's sodafired mugs before he went off to Alfred.


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