Saturday, October 6, 2012

do you believe in elves?

 Sometime in the early 90's, when I was living in Wilton, NH, I found these great mushrooms growing in my yard...

I watched over them for a few days and eventually the large one, fanned out to create a flat top. When I went out with my camera to photograph it again, lo and behold, there was an elfen creature relaxing on the top!

Moments later he jumped down and tried to hide in the shade underneath...

I never again had mushrooms that beautiful growing in my yard, but occasionally I did catch sight of the elf in the garden.


  1. Nowadays about all I can count on is the elves, so wonderful, love the fantasy of it all.

  2. Thanks for the laugh. Actually I think I've seen that elf too, when I was imbibing something or another.

  3. Are you sure you weren't eating those mushrooms, haha?!

  4. Thanks for the smile this morning. The mushroom makes me think of those growing around Penland. Beautiful.

  5. I had so much fun taking those photos and just came across them a couple of weeks ago. I loved that little Annalee elf doll, and sadly don't have him anymore. Follow the link and if you aren't familiar with Annalee.
    My brother and his first wife had Annalee bride and groom mice dolls for the topper on their wedding cake!


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