Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!


This is what happens when you leave me alone on Halloween
After a walk through the cemetery across the street, I turned my sister's big pumpkin into a vampire cat jack o' lantern...

Maybe I should dye Rosie orange and black for trick or treat... 
she's eying me nervously.  Happy Haunting to All!


  1. Great makeup job.You may call the dog "Pumpkin" if you want but don't dye it orange. The poor thing would be too embarrassed leave the house.

  2. Finally! A Halloween post!! What is everybody doing?!
    You look great, wish there was a cemetery near here to go walk in. What a great thing to do on this spooky day!

  3. Great costume and carving but I have to second Dennis' thoughts about the dog.


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