Thursday, October 4, 2012

the mundane stuff

Nothing too exciting happening around here. Jeff is immersed in replenishing our stock of mugs, which has gotten incredibly low. I spent today finishing sponge holders which I swore I was never going to make again. BUT, I sold everyone that I had made last spring. 

Cutting the slot for the sponge is a pain, so Jeff made me this down and dirty cutter and it has made the job go much quicker.

I have finished more ginkgo bowls and under the plastic are more to be carved tomorrow...

That's all for today!


  1. that's a great tool for your sponge holders, still lovin your ginkgo's.

  2. Never say never, I guess. As much as I like to make plates everyone has a plate.They might not have a sponge holder, berry drainer, garlic keeper,or some Christmas ornament.

  3. Jeff is brilliant. That tool looks like it's made from an old lumber strap like you find on the floor at Home Depot. Is that right?

  4. Thanks Lori...yes, Signode steel strapping... the best thing for making kanna trimming tools too.


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