Saturday, November 24, 2012

blogger frustration

The test pizza photo...

Once more I am having trouble adding photos to my blog. It seems a setting has changed on my computer in iPhoto and the photos are too large for blogger to accept, without paying for the upgrade for storage. Last night I tried to write a post and I couldn't get my photos to load. It was late, I was frustrated, and finally gave up. I guess until I figure it out I will have to go through one more step for each photo.

Maybe I shouldn't be such a cheapskate and start paying.

... at least the pizza was delicious!


  1. Several options occur to me that are available...start a new blog, pay the $5 a year to google for more photo memory, or email your photos to yourself, then upload the "tiny" versions.
    I've done all of the above, and changing the blog was the hardest, and I'm sure I lost a few of my followers. I sometimes forget to post smaller versions of really big photo files, and feel like hitting my forehead and saying "duh!" That pizza looks lovely anyway!

  2. I resize all my photos in edit before I load them, been doing that since close to the beginning out of necessity because before I was on dial up and it took forever for them to load as it turns out I lucked out with no loss of memory, well we shall see maybe I'll run out one of these days and then I'll probably pay so I don't have to switch everything, some things are just too hard to change for me. Ha.

    Oh that pizza looks so good; I really have to get started with my gluten free baking experiments now that the cooler weather is here.

  3. I export the files from iPhoto to my desktop, select large quality but medium size and they fit on blogger just fine.

  4. I am going the export route for now. The thing I don't get is what changed in my settings in the last few days that is making my photos in iPhoto larger? I think computers have a minds of their own!!!

  5. They DO have minds of their own. Evil diabolical little minds.Notice that they NEVER do anything nice on their own, it's always something inexplicable and frustrating.

  6. In the far off days when I still used a Windows operating system, I cheered myself and my computer up no end by changing the desktop colour to a pretty shade of green and making it play "God Save the Queen" when it started up, and making mournful muted trumpet "Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa" sounds as it shut down. It kind of made me feel in control of the beastly thing!

    Back then I used an excellent freeware programme called Irfanview that was good for batch processing of files and other photo editing. It is still available.

    I run Linux based systems now so have other ways of batch processing photos.

  7. Ok I tried editing my sidebar and I think blogger has changed something because I can no longer fill the space with a photo, the photo is either huge, way beyond the sidebar or only 150 pixels wide. geez, just when you become comfortable with it, they change it

  8. I don't use iPhoto at all. I installed the program that came with my far, so good. Of course all that will probably change if (when) I get an iPhone and/or iPad.

  9. P.S. The pizza looks wonderful. What crust recipe do you use?


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