Friday, November 30, 2012

Things that bring you joy...

I have been in a weird place this week. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out what my focus needs to be in terms of making pots that sell. In between the thinking, I needed to keep moving forward. There were piggy bank orders to fill and more sponge holders to be made.

Sponge holders are a pain, but I do like throwing them. They are quick and don't require a whole of thinking. The pig are fun to assemble, as long as there aren't 30 of them!

We have had a lot of casserole inquiries, so I have been working on some designs that won't involve a lot of deco work and can be reasonably priced...

It will be really hard not to carve some leaves into those lids!

The real joy of being an artists came late in the day today. Two women came in after 4:00 pm. One  bought the obligatory sponge holder and a small cup... the other asked lots of questions about my raku wall tiles. She asked me to take down a few so she could look at them closely and see how they would look in a group.

She purchased three of them to hang in her newly redecorated living room! She told me that when she saw them she knew they had to go home with her.
It brought me great joy to see how much she appreciated my work and was willing to spend the money on them ($95- $100 a piece)  and I hope that having these tiles in her home will bring her joy everyday.


  1. That's why we do this right? Maybe you should make more raku tiles, they are always pretty and when I randomly make them they sell immediately . I think we are all going through this. Mercury retrograde and a full moon, how can any of us be sane right now!

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  3. and a lunar eclipse, may the gods help us!! At least Mercury has finished being retrograde....for now!

    The balance between doing what we enjoy and is pushing our boundaries, and MIGHT sell....and the bread and butter a difficult line to find at times

  4. There is always so many questions to why we do this.
    I don't think I will ever really know and yet- here we go again.

  5. There are- geez- what is with me tonight?

  6. so great the woman picked out a grouping of raku wall tiles, sounds like a wonderful choice for a wall and the practical choices like sponge holders and piggy banks are great too, good to have a wide range of choices for everyone I think.


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