Saturday, December 15, 2012

2nd to the last firing of 2012?

I almost titled this post "The Last Firing of 2012" but we might be doing another between now and January 1, 2013. The piggy bank stock is getting really low and there are pots already glazed that didn't make it in the last kiln load. On the Etsy front, I have finally reached 100 transactions! Etsy sales have been good these last 30 days, I am glad there are people out there committed to shopping handmade.

The firing we did last weekend was mostly orders that have now been boxed and shipped. There were a few pots in there that weren't spoken for. Two of my 1 quart casseroles were fired. The glazes looked great on both, the shino behaved with no crawling... BUT (isn't there always a BUT when it comes to making pots?) one of them had a tiny "s" crack underneath, out to the 2nd's shelf it went. I have to say that when I was using Sheffield T-3 clay, I never had a problem with "s" cracks. This round of casseroles was made with STAR white clay. We have a hundred or so pounds that has been sitting around for awhile, and I decided I should use it up.

  The shino looks good this time with the STAR white. I haven't been happy with it in the past. It looked a little pasty. We are also doing reduction differently than when we first built this kiln.

What would a firing be without a bunch of sponge holders? I had a few of these warp this time around. My first thought is that I probably threw them a little too thin, but I also used the STAR white clay for these as well... in the past I used my recycled clay. It might have made a difference.

These little guys also work well as napkin holders...

Here is the bundt pan that Jeff made for a special order...

There really are two handles, the photo is just at an odd angle.

Our good friend Rob is visiting us this weekend and we are having a great time together. I hope you all are enjoying some time with family and friends... tis the season to be merry!


  1. gorgeous items, and I too am still scrambling to finish the piggies :) as far as clay goes, holy sh!t the difference a clay body can make!

  2. Whenever I switch clays that's just when I have problems, there is always a but for me too and it truly is disappointing, the casserole looks great and that bundt pan is amazing. Years ago I used to make angel food cake in a metal pan and I also had a recipe for a rum cake that was baked in a bundt pan, oh you have me thinking of desserts now and I haven't even had breakfast. Ha.

  3. Don't you just love it when you have less trouble from recycled clay than from a fresh, new bag. Go figure.


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