Wednesday, December 5, 2012

An Etsy Treasury of Potters Who Blog

I created this Etsy treasury showcasing potters who blog and have an Etsy shop. If I read your blog and didn't realize that you have an etsy shop, I apologize now for the omission! Enjoy the beautiful work by this talented and diverse group.

'Pottery Bloggers' by meeshspottery

All of the fabulous work in this collection has been created by potters who blog. Each share a piece of themselves online, whether it's about their artistic process or a glimpse into the every day life of a ceramic artist.

mug with pig

Natural Soap and Soap D...

Flying Purple Dragon St...

Multi Leaf Serving Disp...

Pitcher (MK61)

Nesting Lotus Bowls in ...

Tumbler with Tulips

Pottery Snowman Christm...

Lidded Box with Rabbit,...

Twisted Stoneware Vase-...

Woman Woodfired Figure-...

Flower vessel / vase (C...

Blue Stoneware Platter ...

Christmas Red Salt Pepp...

Rustic Sunflower Honey ...

Brie Baker and Cracker ...


  1. Wow, thanks so much for including me in this treasury. how did you get this photo up there? it looks super. maybe I can view the code.

  2. These are fabulous. Next time please include my shop too! Alchemy of Clay.

  3. Linda, here is a link that will tell you how to generate a code:

  4. Alchemy of Clay! I knew I would miss someone... will definitely add you next time. So sorry :-(

  5. Thanks for all the links...I'll have to get some pots back in my shop next Spring

  6. gorgeous. Thanks for including my brie baker and cracker tray.


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