Monday, December 10, 2012

count down to Christmas...

The holiday open house weekend is behind us. Sales weren't spectacular but we had some past customers come in for new pots and I am sure we acquired some new fans as well. The weather was so warm that it seemed almost silly to be serving hot chocolate, at least the chocolate chip cookies went over well!
If we were slightly disappointed with gallery sales, our Etsy sales and special orders certainly made up for it. We fired the kiln over the weekend, unloaded this morning, and shipped many of the pots out today...

I had set a goal to double my Etsy revenue this year and I exceeded that goal last month. I finally feel like I have the momentum going now. It seemed like a lot of work at first, but once you get it down it's much easier... way easier than packing up to go to a show. Since Jeff and I have separate shops, we have a lot of fun with healthy competition and cheering each other on. This is what people that don't have cable or satellite TV do for entertainment!

6 more sales and I will finally be at 100, maybe these new ornaments will help to get me there...


  1. Way to go Michele, you deserve an Etsy crown! I read an article last week that said 43% of retail sales will be ecommerce next year, scary! I'm working on a blog post about this in my head.....
    Congrats on your E sales!

  2. I am tearing through my boxes too, best wishes for continued good luck :)

  3. Yay for you and Etsy. I really have to commit to doing more with that site. I hope you get your 100 really, soon.

  4. congrats on the sales, I too think selling online is much easier than packing and unpacking for shows, then wondering which box stuff is packed in. I am trying to increase my etsy sales but not sure how folks are finding shops with the new way etsy has their categories listed.

  5. Congratulations with the Etsy sales, that is a most impressive stack of boxes waiting to be shipped. Glad Etsy is working for you, but it must have been quite an effort getting started and learning how the system works.

  6. Linda, I don't think the changes on the site have had any impact on my sales. People can still search by categories and the diehard Etsy shoppers know how to navigate the site. As long as you list a few things everyday at varying intervals... or renew listings if you don't have something new, it keeps you at that top. I consistently renew piggy banks, long before they are due to expire.


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