Friday, December 28, 2012

Keeping warm

It's finally feeling a little bit like winter here in Seagrove. We heat our gallery and studio with combination of wood and propane. The propane heater takes care of the studio and this beast heats the gallery...

Since I am the first one up in the morning, it's my job to light the wood stove. Luckily this one takes off pretty quickly, especially if you use a torch to light it! It's not very efficient and goes through wood quickly, but it puts out a lot of heat. The pot on top of the stove provides us with warm throwing water and saves a trip into the house to fill our buckets. We have a sink and running water in the studio but no water heater. Jeff and I feel like running water in the studio is a luxury... something we didn't have in NH. We don't mind that the water isn't hot since the cool water during the hot summer months feels good.

I am writing this post while waiting for the gallery and studio to get to a good working temperature. I have at least another 30 piggy banks to put together. Yesterday I finished 20 of them.

Aren't you getting tired of seeing these pigs? Sometimes I am... until I remember how many bills they paid last month! 

I have quite a bit work completed and ready for a bisque firing. Our first gas firing of 2013 should happen by the second week of January. My New Year's resolution is to stay on top of things in 2013 and do less rushing around to meet deadlines. Notice I said "less" rushing. I want to be sure my goal is attainable!!


  1. There's nothing like a warm studio to work in. The stove looks like it just keeps going. We finally put a Jotul in upstairs and the difference is amazing. Constant heat with about a third of the wood we used in the old one. Nice!

    I think I had I your problem with connecting when I was trying to post on Mud Colony. Eventually I closed everything down and reopened and it was okay. But I may have hit the button without thinking. I'm installing a new clean up program so it should take care of everything......toes crossed!

  2. P.S. Ceramic Arts dot org now has a banner stating that it's for sale! Hmmmmmm!

  3. Woodstoves are wonderful, especially if you don't have to rely on them for heat.
    Your piggy banks still look cute to me.

  4. Your production puts me to shame if only I was I few years younger, yes everyone needs a pig.

  5. oh yes...the world always needs our new piggy banks :) someone told me the germans have some kind of new year tradition with piggy banks...good luck or something :)


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