Saturday, December 1, 2012

More of what Jeff's been up to...

Jeff's had some cool orders to fill this holiday season.

A soup toureen... you may as well make a few. This couple has ordered one before and when they came to pick it up they bought another. So why not be prepared?

This one is getting ready for it's fancy handles...

On the left is a steamer, another special order. I will get a photo of the interior before it goes to it's new home.

How about a very fancy bundt pan? I found this order interesting, because typically you turn a bundt cake out of it's pan to be served, so no one but the user will see this beauty. Then again, maybe people use bundt pans for things I am not aware of!

In between waiting on customers, I finished my plain jane, small casseroles and started to load the electric kiln for a bisque firing. The weather has been beautiful and warm here in North Carolina. Perfect weather to be outside, loading the kiln... and I hear it will get warmer over the next few days. I saw on Facebook today that New Hampshire had an inch or two of snow. I am so happy for them ;-).


  1. How super you had two purchases from one order. I've heard of a chicken being cooking whole in a pan with something in the center to insert the chicken on top of like the bundt pan, not sure what the name of it is or if it even has a name. But there again the chicken would be removed before serving. Hum, maybe it could be carved standing up like that.

  2. Jeff's been up to some good looking work, that's for sure!

    I think Linda is thinking of the next step of 'beer can chicken' it's a dish with a narrow floored cylinder in the center. You put liquid of choice in the cylinder and fit the chicken over it. It makes a flavorful roast chicken with the juice going into the pan. Or am I carrying coals to Newcastle?

  3. Beautiful work, Jeff!

    The chicken roasters I've seen fit a whole can of beer in the center that you put the chicken's whats-it over. They're usually metal and you put them in a pan to catch the drippings. A one piece ceramic one is a great idea and if it's pretty enough why not bring it to the table to carve!

  4. Hey, y'all... Jeff makes a stoneware version of the "beer can chicken cooker"! He first designed it for Salmon Falls Stoneware in NH. We don't put beer in ours. We fill the center with white wine and herbs, put the chicken over the center and surround with potatoes and vegetables. We mostly use it on the grill, yes, you read that right, the grill! After 3 years use it has a couple of cracks and it's about time to make a new one. It is one of my favorite meals.

  5. Gorgeous! Looks like you give him beautiful inspiration ;)

  6. A customer what telling me that she has found that pies and cakes (among other things) just cook better in pottery. So the bunt pan may be for the cook to see but the people who eat it will also reap the benefit of the pretty pan.


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