Monday, December 3, 2012

Scary Dreams

I have heard so many people talking about the television series, The Walking Dead, that I decided to add it to our Netflix streaming cue. I have always liked scary movies, but mostly old time scary movies... ghosts and hauntings, not blood and guts. Last night Jeff and I decided to watch it. Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat but way too much blood and guts. Sure enough I had a frightening dream about creepy guys (just creepy, not zombies) trying to climb through the windows! I woke up just before Jeff was going to save the day... 
I would like to see more, just wish it wasn't so gory. 

On a brighter note, a friend posted this video on Pinterest yesterday. I am not sure when it was made, but it looks and sounds like one of those old film strips we would have watched when we were in school back in the 60's & 70's. Looking at the pots in this film, and the fact that Vivika and Otto Heino were living in New Hampshire, I would guess it was in the 70's. This is part one, if you are interested, you can find part two on Youtube.


  1. Centering that huge lump of clay is scary to me. Ha. I often have scary dreams after I watch criminal minds but still I like watching it, I like the mystery of the problem solving.

  2. the music reminds me of the twilight zone..... we are all just a b rated movie....:)!

  3. Maybe it wasn't just the Walking Dead that gave me nightmares!

  4. I know, classic 50s horror and sci fi is so fun...but more recent is quite gory and horrific!

  5. Cool Video! I have a mobile app that works like game of making vases and selling them to costumers. It's really cool forming your own vase and coloring them with any colors you like with patterns.

  6. That was a really fun video. I can't imagine trying to wedge and throw 50 pounds of clay in one go.
    Maybe you shouldn't watch any more zombie movies for a few nights.


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