Saturday, December 22, 2012

The end of an era...

When Jeff and I were in New Hampshire this fall, we stopped in to say hello to Gloria. Gloria owns and runs Sassafras Tree Artisans, the store front to my New Hampshire pottery studio.

Gloria had let us know in the summer that she was going to close the shop and retire. I wasn't sure she was really going to do it... she loves her little shop. Aside from our pottery, she sells country home decor, primitives, hand crafted jewelry, and some antiques. While we were visiting she confirmed that she was really going out of business at the end of the year. She had already started to run a sale. As I walked through the shop and into the old pottery studio (which is now storage for the shop) I felt a little sad. I realized, however, that my sadness was for Gloria. I was no longer mournful of giving up that space. A space that was filled with so many happy memories. I have truly moved on. 

Seagrove is my home now. The local bank tellers know me by name. I run into people I know at the post office. All of these are signs that you are no longer walking in strange territory. We went to a potters holiday party last night and it dawned on me how many wonderful people I have met since moving here. 

It may be the end of an era, but that also means a new one is beginning.


  1. What a great photo of you two, beginnings and endings I know them all too well. We're thinking of selling our bus, probably just about the time we sell it we'll wish we didn't, ha. such is life.

  2. Linda, it's one of my favorite photos too. Our friend and face jug make, Heather Gwinn, took the photo while we were doing the night shift at a wood firing... hence the fashionable flannel shirts and welders gloves!

  3. Another completion of a circuit of the upward spiral. Linda's right....that's a terrific photo of you both.

    It was great to meet you this summer. Enjoy!

  4. ohhhh.... I left a shop yesterday that is changing...with sad hugs to the manager too....

  5. Gary, I think that if the economy were booming, Gloria would keep her shop open a few more years. This shop was her life long dream. When factoring in lots of other things, she decided it was time to retire.

    Suzie, when Heather sent me this photo, it made me realize that I was looking happy and smiling for the first time since John's death. It was a real turning point for me. I hope you come to Sunapee again this year so we connect once more.

  6. It is a cute shop, her love of it shows clearly in these pictures. What will she do now?

  7. Gloria is a fiber artist, she hopes to spend more time on her own craft. They also bought a lake home last year and I am sure they will be spending more time there as well. She says she plans to keep busy!


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