Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Rush is Over

It sure has been a busy week. Our good friend Rob spent a long weekend with us and we had a great time. He did have to spend Friday watching us box up Etsy orders, but he seemed to enjoy relaxing on the sofa while we worked. He is a college professor and this is winter break, I am sure he needed some down time. Like a typical visit with Rob, we ate lots of good food and drank some good bottles of wine... and maybe a couple of not so good bottles!

What I think could be the last of the Christmas Etsy orders were shipped yesterday, along with a few gifts to each of our kids in New England. It feels like the pressure to meet a deadline is over and I might sleep a little better for a bit.

Rob posted some photos on facebook when he got home on Monday. He also said some really nice things about Jeff and me and our mission to get this pottery business off the ground. I took the liberty of downloading a few, so today's photos are by Rob Buller.

Jeff is the master at finding 4 leaf clovers. This one was growing next to Rob's truck as they were unloading some clay. I think it's a sign of good things to come in 2013.


  1. I have never found a four leaf clover but then again I don't look much, perhaps I shall start. Nice to have your friend Rob visiting and encouraging you in your pottery business.

  2. AND that is a helluva nice jar there, knee high, so pretty and so big!

  3. Finding 4 leaf clovers is fun. Gary Rith sent me four last spring, it was even fun finding them in the mailbox:-)

  4. Im not sure I've ever found a four leaf clover, I'm sure its a good omen!


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