Wednesday, December 26, 2012

What a wonderful Christmas!

Jeff and I were busy making pots on Christmas eve day. We had a agreed that we would quit early (for us). I announced quitting time at around 6:00pm by bringing cosmopolitans out to the studio... I told Jeff it was our office party for two.

Our tradition, since moving to Seagrove, is to cook a nice meal together on Christmas eve followed by opening gifts. Why wait until morning when there are no kids and only a cat in the house?

Sophie was a little disappointed to find out that this gift was not for her. She was rather unimpressed with the "skinny chicken" cat toy, that Santa left for her.

I, on the other hand, was totally excited with my gifts. Jeff gave me TWO of Ron Philbeck's laundry line mugs and some beautiful earrings made by Jennie Keatts (JLK Jewelry). My daughter totally surprised me with a kindle fire!! I had been considering getting one since they came out last year, but couldn't bring myself to spend the money. The main reason I wanted a tablet was to replace my leather bound daytimer. When you think about what refills for a daytimer cost each year, it isn't too long before you have recovered the cost of a tablet. The iPad was out of my price range and I really wanted something a little smaller that would fit in my handbag. Last night I went online and ordered a sweet, baby blue cover to keep it safe.
Christmas day was spent having dinner with Jeff's family. It was great to see everyone and catch up with the goings on since Thanksgiving. Jeff's great niece has been doing some handbuilding in high school and is interested in giving the wheel a try. We are making plans for her to come to the studio for a lesson soon... there may be another potter in the family!
I missed seeing my family but I was able to talk with most everyone on the phone. I think Danielle and I talked/texted/e-mailed about half a dozen times! Technology sure does help us feel closer together.

I hope all of you who celebrate Christmas, had a wonderful holiday as well.


  1. And a Happy Boxing Day to you and Jeff.

  2. Cozy day! I think you will enjoy going paperless. I was a day timer addict and it took some time to switch over but I like keeping my calendar on a tablet now. Have a great last week of 2012!

  3. Sounds like you had a great office party, tehe. Oh Sophie looks so beautiful by the tree, she should be on a postcard, she reminds me of a cat my sister had years ago. I guess I'm really living in the dark ages I had no idea kindle could keep a calendar, I thought it was for reading books, I may have to check into that.

  4. Linda, the Kindle Fire is a reader and a tablet. It now comes in a choice of sizes as well as an HD option.

  5. yeh for pottery friends! I have my very own ron philbeck laundry mug sitting next to me with my morning cuppa tea, hope you had a super christmas and have a happy new year


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