Wednesday, January 2, 2013

a "mess of greens" and black eyed peas

If you follow Gary Rith's blog, you know that his wife Maude grew up eating the traditional black eyed peas and a "mess of greens" on New Years day. Jeff of course grew up with the same good luck meal. I had never even heard of it until 2009! I have to say that I am with Gary. Collard greens don't thrill me. Actually, I have a hard time eating them. The black eyed peas are just okay. Jeff always cooks a little side meat to go along with the meal. That's another thing I hadn't not heard of before either, side meat or fat back. The closest thing to it that I grew up with is salt pork, which my Mom puts in baked beans. Salt pork is icky... I can handle a little bit side meat. 

I did my best to eat what I could... after all, I don't want to miss out on any good luck for the coming year!

In other news...
We had a few friends over to celebrate New Year's eve. Everyone stayed the night and we had a great time. In the late morning we were all enjoying coffee and cookies for breakfast when the beeper in the gallery went off. The beeper alerts us in the house that someone is coming into the shop. Sometimes a squirrel will set it off if he runs in just the right spot on the porch, certainly on New Years day, it was a squirrel.
It wasn't. We had customers! I guess the 12' feather "open" flag that was laying down on the front porch wasn't a clue that we weren't open... or the fact that there were no lights on inside. Jeff threw on some clothes and sold them four mugs. The first sale for 2013, and we weren't even open.
I take it as a sign of a prosperous new year.

Wishing you all good luck in 2013, even if you didn't eat the greens and peas!


  1. I looked for black eyed peas but there wasn't any except canned and I didn't want to get canned, one of these days I'll see some here. My grandmother used to grow them and she fixed them with onions and some chunks of bacon fat and we'd have corn bread with them. Congrats on the first sale of the year.

  2. oh hey I just forgot I made an etsy sale yesterday, ha, things are looking up for sure.

  3. I do pea soup as my New Year's day thing. Collard greens are a big no for me.

    How great is it that you guys made a sale when you weren't even open!

  4. Good lord people this green thing is the best thing ever! You don't like collard you can go for spinach or kale. Even salad is green- of course a mess of salad here is not lettuce, but you guessed it greens- sometimes turnip greens...those are the ones I can not eat. But kale or Swiss chard will do.
    Go get you some.

  5. I like swiss chard or spinach if it's cooked with garlic until just wilted. There is something about the texture of collards and kale that I just don't like.

  6. Yum, collard greens, black eyed peas and cornbread! I was raised in South Carolina girl, that's all we ate, oh and rice!
    Happy new year to you, congrats on that New Years Day sale, but really those people should have some sense!

  7. I know, collards and kale taste like sh!t to me.... but I like spinach and about every other veg on earth :) I was inspired to say MESS OF GREENS after seeing your fb posts yesterday Meesh :) Black eye peas to me are delish anytime though.


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