Friday, January 11, 2013

Fire Away!

Thankfully, once I had the 50 piggy banks assembled, I had some time to make some mugs. It was a nice break from those cute little faces in the background.

We finished loading the kiln at 1:00 pm today and Jeff is now bricking up the door. That means that if all goes well, we will be done firing by 1:30 am. This is when I am thankful that Jeff is a night owl!!!
You can see from the photo above, that we are using my shelves in the back of the kiln and Jeff's advancers in the front. The advancers are larger and let us fit a few more pots into our little kiln. They won't fit in the back stack because of the bag wall.

This is a pretty tight load and we managed to get all the orders in plus a good number of the pigs. I think we have enough work made that we will be firing again soon after we unload.
While the kiln fires and cools I have decided it's time to clean and organize the studio. I must say I have been inspired by all the new year studio cleaning that I have seen on facebook and blogs!

No before pictures will be posted.
It's way too scary.


  1. I love all those pigs! Looking forward to firing results.

    Youve' helped get my butt in gear to get making!

  2. Love the carving on your mugs and the pig on the bottom shelf looks larger than the other's, perhaps that's my imagination.

  3. A tightly packed kiln usually gives the best result. Isn't it funny how we try to start the year with a nice clean studio but we always seem to end it with a mess.

  4. Linda, I think he might be a fatter pig! This round of piggy banks had some real porkers in it :-).

  5. Uhhh' you got a bunch of butt kissers there in the studio, haha! So cute!

  6. It's cold and rainy here in upstate NY...the look of a kiln loaded and ready to go looks so good and warm to me!! Enjoy the organizing, can't wait to see the results :)

  7. Good luck with the firing. Love the mugs and pigs. Enjoyed the medieval pot post too, and the halloween costumes!


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