Friday, January 25, 2013

Slip Sliding Away...

This is what my pretty blue mailbox looks like now. Thanks to the State of NC snow plow drivers. Do you think maybe they don't get enough practice? A road crew knocked it over last year as well. As you can see in the photo, it's not too close to the road. I am not sure why there were even plowing. There was no snow accumulation, they should have just spread some salt to melt the ice. I suppose they are overzealous because they don't get to take out the big toys that often around here!

A day of sleet and freezing rain gave me an excuse to slow down and skip working in the studio. I took advantage of a dark day and photographed work. I even spent the day in my pajamas. New photos means new pots in the Etsy shop. Most of these will get listed over the next few days.

and what would a day be without pigs?


  1. mmmm...pretty items Meesh :) people around here charge the town when the plows do that....the plows don't do it too often ;)

  2. The header of my blog is the "pretty before picture". When I lived in the northeast I got the "there is so much snow we didn't see your mailbox excuse" but here in the south... HOW COULD YOU HAVE NOT SEEN MY F*&%$#"N mailbox!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I think it was a case of a"Let's take out the prettiest mailbox on the Pottery Highway".

  3. Are you sure it was the snow plow that knocked the mailbox? I'd be tempted to put the box in concrete or something after two times. When we lived in the mountains, we installed two t posts and pvc pipes over them with reflective tape on either side of our driveway so the snow plow wouldn't rip up the pavement we had newly installed. One day we saw the guy plowing in the dark and he said he appreciated our markers because he had a guide to aim around. the pvc pipe allowed us to raise up the markers when the snow got deeper and deeper.

  4. Linda - it definitely was the plow. They continued to scrape down the road until this morning... and there was nothing on the road to scrape, it was just silly. The shoulder of the road is all dug up on both sides. When I was in NH we always used markers for the plows as well.

  5. Ohh, poor's sad, nothing like the photo at the top of your blog- all happy and proud. We lost some shrubs from an over eager plow driver this year. Maybe the flag on the mailbox should be converted to a finger ?!

  6. Oh my! The blue mail box! Do you know who's responsible for this crime of destroying your pretty blue mail box?

    Kenneth Moore


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