Saturday, January 26, 2013

There's Pie!

Anyone who reads potter Gary Riths' blog, read his post today about an amazing chocolate pie that he made. Gary was even kind enough to share the recipe. If you are counting calories, this pie, made by Jeff Brown, is a wonderful alternative.
If you are a potter, you may have the ingredients on hand:
stoneware clay
Bake for 12 hours +/-, adding salt to the atmosphere at approximately 2000 degrees. Crash cool, but don't remove from oven for two or more days.

Don't break a tooth when sampling that first bite!


  1. Just gorgeous...but are those cherry size berries really giagantic blueberries?

  2. The photo just makes them look gigantic... they are pretty true to life size!

  3. blueberry pie on a red checked tablecloth, perfect

  4. Love it!! That's the kind of pie I won't get fat on ;) Is that your creation?

  5. Jeff made the pie a long time ago and it resurfaced this fall. Jeff and our friend Rob have a long standing pie joke, hence the title "There's Pie!".

  6. Jeff recommends not adding salt until 2400 degrees.


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