Friday, February 15, 2013

A Hot and Spicy V-Day

We are not big celebrators of Valentine's Day but it did seem like a good excuse to make a dinner that was fun and new. I found a couple of recipes on Pinterest that combined all the flavors we love so I decided to go for it. Lime Chipotle Chicken stuffed with jalapeno pepper and wrapped in BACON! The jalapenos are roasted and stuffed with a little cream cheese and cilantro. The rice is very simple, I cooked jasmine rice and as soon as it is done, mix in cilantro pesto. It wasn't the lowest calorie recipe but I liked that it was all made with fresh ingredients... only the chipotle peppers in adobo sauce came from a can. It was flavorful and VERY spicy... to the point that it gave me the occasional hiccups! There were a couple of extra stuffed jalapenos so I broiled them and we had them on the side, along  with a cool broccoli and cabbage salad.

 On the pottery front, I have been making garlic jars and hope to get them finished today. I had never made garlic jars before, I don't know why. John used to make them and they sold pretty quickly. There are also some small pitchers that will be needing handles at some point, hopefully by the end of today. Tomorrow we have a full day of mini pottery lessons scheduled, so there may not be much time for making new work.

There are a couple more spots open in the next "Practice Makes Perfect" Workshop on February 23rd... for more info click HERE.


  1. Girl, you have me drooling~ Looks awesome and I don't even eat meat anymore!! HA! BTW, love the plate too.

  2. That does sound good, now we just need to figure out how to make it vegetarian.
    I should make some garlic jars too, thanks for the reminder.

  3. That chicken sounds delicious and great looking garlic jars.

  4. Omg, that looks sooooo good. I had steamed veggies and Gerry had a ball game to shoot,not a big fan of Valentines day,in February I am alone a lot thanks to basketball and hockey.

  5. Good to eat together, we just had a table for two at Subway by the lake in Taupo...


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