Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My new obsession

Fresh Spring Rolls!

I love that they are so easy and inexpensive to make. The 12 oz. package of rice wrappers goes a long way and they keep forever in your cupboard. You can fill them with any raw vegetables that you have on hand. These were filled with shredded cabbage, carrots, zucchini, green onion, basil, and cilantro. I also added a little sauteed and chopped up shrimp that had been marinated in teriyaki sauce with garlic. I often squeeze a lime over the veggies before rolling them up. Jeff is in charge of mixing up a dipping sauce, usually some combination of tamari and Asian hot sauces we have in the fridge. I like to think of them as salad in a package!

Last night's dinner was leftover cashew chicken and fried rice that I had made on Sunday. We had eaten all of the spring rolls so the only work I had to do was to put those together. The dumplings in the (Jeff) bowl came from Super G, the Asian market that we like in Greensboro. Someday I will make those at home too. I am sure they would be much better for us!
Thankfully Jeff and I like to cook because we would have to drive to the next town to get anything other than diner/family style food. It also saves us money, we rarely eat out. Finding some ingredients in the nearby markets can be a challenge and we have learned that no matter what you go to Greensboro for, bring a cooler and ice packs and take the time to go to a good grocery store!

P.S. I am finally getting pretty good at using chop sticks... I didn't touch a fork once last night!

photo credits: Jeff Brown


  1. omg those look so good, what a beautiful display you've made there, I need to get some more of those rice thingees and make some

  2. That Jeff makes a mean bowl and takes a mean photo. Makes me want to dive in and start eating.

    Wrappers are on the shopping list.

  3. Those look and sound good. I love spring rolls, I just never thought about making them at home. Thanks!

  4. Yum, great food, and pottery of course, and photos too!

  5. I use to make spring rolls a lot and dumplings as well- home made dumplings are great when you have the time.
    I still have some wrappers for spring rolls and one day I might find some time to do this again.

  6. You're making me hungry. Those look so pretty and the flavors you put together sound so fresh. Gotta try those!

  7. Since we don't eat meat I am always looking for interesting veggies options. I love making these, especially in the summer with ingredients from the farmers market. If you get tired of pottery, you can move here and cook for me, haha!

  8. *drooling*
    I have never tried making them, but sure will now! They look amazing....I think it's lunch time now....!!


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