Wednesday, February 27, 2013

this and that...

 I have soft spot for little ceramic things...
I adore this small dish. I would use it for an Asian dipping sauce or a catch all on my dresser. I really like little unique pieces like this. I just wish there were more people in the world who felt the same way!  I may have to keep it for myself.

The weather was great today so I took a few photos outdoors. This is one of the soap dishes from the last firing. I can think of a few more uses besides a soap dish, but that was my intent when making it.

Jeff has been busy making vessel sinks...

 I love this one! It's like his bowls only BIG. Someday we will have one in our own bathroom. It's going to get the shino/turquoise glaze combo.

Jeff is working on a sink order right now. This one is a drop in sink with an overflow...
 I thought you may want to see how he creates that on the underside. This sink when finished will be similar to this one:

Jeff also makes disks to fire these sinks on...
So much behind the scenes work!
That's what's been happening around here this week. Tomorrow a friend from NH arrives for the NC Potters Conference. It's always fun to see our New England friends.


  1. I find that many folks love the small dishes for so many reasons, they look great fired outside. What are the discs underneath the sinks used for?

  2. Those are great small dishes. Your colors are so rich. I'm sure people will see them as soap dishes and more.

  3. Thanks all!
    Linda, the under mount sinks get set in the dishes because the over-flow drain makes them not sit flat. The dish will support it and keep it level.


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