Saturday, February 23, 2013

Workshop Day

Jeff presented his "Practice Makes Perfect" workshop here at our studio today... aka pottery calisthenics!
Most participants of this workshops say it's the most amount of clay they have every thrown in a day. It's not about having finished pieces, it's about exercising your throwing muscles and developing a fluidity of motion.  

Bill was eager to jump right in after taking a few months off from his weekly pottery class...

Amanda (below) had never thrown pots before and came with her Mom, Robin, who has been taking pottery lessons since last October...
 Look at those cylinders! Great job for her first lesson.

By the end of the day Robin was making taller, narrower cylinders...

We always invite participants to join us for lunch, often homemade soup with fresh baked bread... which was perfect for this raw and rainy day. The students often say that lunch in our cozy cabin is the highlight of the day! They love it's rustic charm and are usually in awe of all the pottery we have in every corner of the house (I wonder if I can convince them to come and dust them every so often?). Then of course there is enjoying a meal together served on handmade dishes. 

A day immersed in clay, learning to make pots, and discovering how using handmade pottery can enrich your everyday life.

Click here for a list of workshops that we are offering over the next few months.


  1. Oh I like hearing all about the successes in throwing. Now I know where I can go for a throwing workshop, I am often frustrated at now succeeding at throwing, so one of these days I hope I can get to one of yours and find a wheel to purchase.

  2. Hi Michele!! I found your blog, YAY!! I love the pictures from the workshop! We had such a wonderful time!! Thank you so much again for everything! I learned so much! Your work and your home are just lovely :) I wrote a post about it, and I hope you and Jeff enjoy it:
    Have a wonderful day!!

  3. Looks like it was a delightful day! Well done~


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