Monday, March 4, 2013

Clay Break

I spent the weekend taking a break from clay. Lately I have developed an interest in mixed media artwork. Saturday afternoon was devoted to exploring image transfer using acrylic medium. After an hour or more reading about it and watching Youtube demos, I was ready to give it a try.

It seemed like everyone has a different opinion of what method and products work best. Since I had two different types of acrylic medium and lots of paper options, I did a few tests.

I quickly found out that you can't rush this process. Drying overnight gives the best results. I was also surprised that the less expensive Modge Podge provided a clearer image. After the tests I took what I learned and did another trial using an acrylic paint background, Modge Podge, magazine images and inkjet. Letting it dry for nearly 24 hours made a big difference.

Unless you reverse your lettering it will come out backwards. I think I like how it's gibberish! Now I am ready to organize my thoughts and create a multi-media collage using this technique with a few others. I am hoping that my brother will scan some antique, family photographs that I can print and incorporate into a piece.
If you want to learn more about acrylic medium transfer, this site has a decent video:

It's fun to try out new processes and it keeps the creative juices flowing!


  1. I spent the weekend breaking clay, haha! You can use acrylic medium on clay too,it's fun but takes a few tries to get it right. Not for shiny surfaces though...

  2. Oh this sounds like so much fun and a way to put a new slant on family history and memories, thanks for the link, as you know I have a ton of photographs of old ghost towns and buildings and hope to someday incorporate them into some type of artwork other than the slide.

  3. Great way to get the creative juices flowing! It's fun to mix it up sometimes...good for you :)


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