Thursday, April 4, 2013

it's the veggies that brought us together

Every time Jeff and I make Asian style stir fry it brings me back to a night in 2009...

Shortly after Jz died, Jeff said he would come over to my place and make me dinner. We decided on his recipe for Asian stir fry. Together we chopped all the vegetables, placing each of them in a different handmade bowl from my cupboards. We had lots of fun arranging the bowls on the counter and taking photos of all the pretty veggies and pots. I think it was the first time in many weeks that I laughed and enjoyed myself. That meal was the first of many that we cooked together. Other times in the following months he came over and did all the cooking... it was such a treat since at the time my commute to work was nearly an hour in each direction and cooking was the last thing I wanted to do at the end of the day. I was in heaven!

... and I think you know the rest of the story.


  1. There are many times I prepare a meal that requires a lot of bowls like that, and I go for my camera. Wesley is always photographing our meals. They are visually appealing, not because of the simple food, but because of the beautiful pottery that contains the food. You have some really joyful memories, very lucky to have those! I want to come over and have a taste!

  2. What a warm memory to have from a most difficult time

  3. Great food + Great company = Great Times! and in your case, love :)
    Another meal for using many little bowls is taco/taco salad nights!!

  4. The healing of friendship, food and the handmade are all represented in those pictures and memories.


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