Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Blooms

I thought these garden beauties would be more pleasing to the eye than photos of bowls being trimmed and slipped, that was the only thing happening in the studio yesterday. I have decided that I prefer glazing to trimming bowls. I know potters who LOVE to trim, I am not one of them.
The flower arrangements are a combination of daffodils from around the yard and tulips that were purchased at Wally World (GASP!). The rock vases were made by League of NH Craftsmen member, Lee Spiller. I bet Smartcat is familiar with his work, his booth is very popular at the Craftsmen's Fair at Mt. Sunapee. I really love the natural look of the flower and rock combination.

I know that it is only April 5th but it I think this month is going to scream by us. Celebration of Spring Studio Tour in Seagrove is only two weeks away. We will fire at least once more before the event. Two days after the tour Jeff flies to South Korea.
Next thing you know... It's May.


  1. between the two, I chose trimming....but my fav. is wheel work, making something out of a lump of clay :)

  2. Those are beautiful flowers, thanks for posting them.


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