Sunday, May 12, 2013

First Outdoor Show of the Year

The weather was great and the people came out to buy pottery!

This show is very easy to do, 10 am to 4 pm. The only downside for us is that it is a nearly two hour drive to Charlotte from Seagrove. The end of the day isn't bad, it's the leaving at 6 am that is a little painful. Once again we kept our booth very simple, two tables with a section of Abstracta shelving on top, and a couple of free standing pedestals. We sold lots of mugs and tumblers... it's still the under $50 items that are moving quickly. I didn't sell a single piggy bank, even though they were handled a lot. After a walk around, I know I won't bring them to this show again. There were quite a few potters with piggy banks, all priced significantly less than mine. I am okay with leaving them at home. The pigs sell really well on Etsy at $45.

The cool thing about the Carolina Clay Matters Pottery Festival is, that it's put together by a core group of volunteers (who work very hard) and EVERYONE who participates has to volunteer to do something to help with the show. It seemed to me like everyone knew what their job was and did it with a smile. We were two happy potters at the end of the day.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there, happy Sunday to everyone else.


  1. Hurrah! for a good show!

    Do you ever wonder how people manage to make any money at all with the prices they charge?

    Toes crossed for continued success!

  2. I really want to come down for that show sometime. The show our club had last week works on the same terms and works well. Those pigs are too much work to sell at yard sale prices. I would save them for a better venue too.

  3. Yippee for a good sales, your pigs look so sweet all lined up; I am inspired by those tall towers in one of the photos.

  4. Happy Mother's Day, I thought about you as the clouds gathered over Chapel Hill, glad the weather held for you! Surprised you brought pigs home, I think they are very fairly priced for the effort that goes into them, but what do I know!

  5. I'm glad it was a good show, too bad about the piggy banks. I agree with TB about the price.
    Did they say "whee, whee, whee" all the way home?

  6. Glad to hear you had nice weather and that people were buying, albeit under a certain price point... the season has begun!!

  7. oh gosh, my pig prices are now up to 22 each, I did not realize ...! I had no idea....

  8. Thank you all for the comments!

    The "towers" in the photo are old silos. The show is on the site of an old dairy barn that is now a park. It's a really pretty location.

    I am ok with not selling any pigs. I guess they prefer to travel to new homes via USPS!

  9. Thankfully it was a good day. It's hard to gauge what will sell each time at the CCM Festival. Several of us were discussing that it seems to change each time.


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