Friday, May 31, 2013

glazing for a wood firing

I know I have said this MANY times before, glazing is my least favorite part of the pottery process. I dislike the mess as well as how the skin on my hands feel after a few days of getting the job done.

This week we are getting ready to wood fire with our friend Ouida in Carthage, NC. Glazing for a wood firing is so much easier. Most pieces only get a liner glaze, and lots of things don't get glazed at all. I yearn for the day when we can have a wood kiln at our own studio.

The bisque load in the gas kiln is cooling and I will spend another day glazing. We moved our glaze operation outside, which gives us more room, fresh air, and sunshine.

Electrical update: electrician #2 is coming today... hopefully this one can solve the wiring problems and then we can trouble shoot the electric kiln.


  1. Yours might be the first blog I ever followed. Your blog roll has sent me on to may enriching places and I thank you for that. I enjoyed your post about wood firing. The toasty appearance and the hearty texture appeal to me. The process must take immense patience and endurance (says the cone six electric kiln boy).

  2. Couldn't agree more. I loved soda firing when I had access to a wood/soda kiln.A liner, maybe a little flashing slip on the outside and let the kiln do the rest.Good luck with the power issues.

  3. That is another one of the appeals of wood/salt/soda firing. Of course doing anything outside on a gorgeous spring day is better than being cooped up inside.
    I'm looking forward to the results.

  4. Your pots for the wood firing look great. The bakers are beautiful. Would love to see how you make those oval lids.
    Hope your electrical issue is an easy fix.

  5. Oh your glazed pots are so beautiful, will the turquoise or aqua pot in the front stay that color. I hope to get a pot in a wood fire some day, perhaps this summer.

  6. beautiful forms there, Meesh :) glazing is actually my favorite part of it all...glaze kiln just clicked off a couple minutes ago, actually, which means tomorrow is CHRISTMAS!

  7. barster-you are most welcome, it's so nice to hear that this blog, that I originally started writing just for myself, has enriched other's lives.

    Linda, the glaze is my robins egg...brighter on porcelain, deeper green/blue on stoneware... and just luscious in wood! check out my etsy shop to see variations.

    Dirtkicker - last year I started using Martha Grover's technique for oval lid making. My success rate improved greatly after making the switch! I think she may have a tutorial if you google her.

    ...and my electrical issue is fixed! see my latest post!

  8. Nice goblet I see there...would love to see it after the firing! Your blog IS an ispiration to me as well. I am so glad we are blogger buds ;)


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