Monday, May 6, 2013

my wild and crazy cinco de mayo party

Shrimp Tacos and a cheap bottle of wine, my only guest was Sophie who hovered around because of the shrimp! If my planning hadn't been so last minute I would have invited a few of you to the party.

Jeff asked me to try out his taco holder prototype while he was a way, so what better time to give it a go  than on Cinco de Mayo? We are usually a quesadilla eating couple, but for the last few months we have been eating tacos every so often. Jeff always props his up with sake cups to load his shells, so he decided to make a holder. It does the job well but even before I test drove it we knew it needed changes.

1. Needs to be a little bigger (these are the jumbo shells, it might be a good for regular size).

2. An extension of a plate for beans and rice, or to just catch the crumbs while you are eating. Last night I set the holder on another plate while I ate.

Jeff comes home tonight. Thank goodness, I am tired of talking to myself and the cat.


  1. Just as well, by the time I got there the tacos would have been cold and the margaritas long gone.Taco holder is an interesting project.

  2. Glad you're talking to us here, as well as to yourself! Interesting taco holder idea! Can't wait to see how it evolves...

  3. Love the taco holder, great idea! And why we creative types have a place in the universe :)
    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  4. mmmmm, tacos on pottery, how brilliant. Now, I'm hungry :)

  5. What a super idea, of course you'll have to have a taco pre prepared to sell them at art/craft sales.

  6. Are these being made? It would be awesome for photos - I'm a food blogger.

    1. Hi Donna, we never got past the prototype due to vessel sink and piggy bank sales, which have consumed most of our "making" cycles. They are still on our to-do list so keep checking back or send me your e-mail and I can contact you when we have some.


      If the prototype is collecting dust on you shelf, I'd buy that ;-)


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