Wednesday, May 15, 2013

S. Korean pots and chopsticks...

Jeff unloading pots from a wood kiln in South Korea. This photo was taken by Elena Renker, one of the international artists that was also invited to attend the festival.

Last night I got try out the chopsticks that Jeff brought home for me. I like the simplicity of these, the natural wood color. and the square design. Much easier to eat with than the round, slippery,lacquered ones that I have. I didn't have to switch to a fork half way through the meal!


  1. Great photo of Jeff, love the second shot too of the bowl, I like the square chopsticks much better too they grip the food.

  2. mmm, that bowl of yummy food has me hungry! the chopsticks are beautiful~ a work of art in their simplicity.

  3. I love that you took your bowl of food and set it up in your photo booth to take that shot, I have to photograph our meals all the time they always look so pretty, glad to see someone else doing the same:)
    (I guess I am actually assuming that's what you did!)
    And yes to square chopsticks, I have some from NY that I love

  4. 90% of the time the photo set up is out and on the dining room table, so it's pretty simple to take a quick shot. The lighting in the rest of the house is not good, so it's the only chance of a good pic.

  5. YUM! On the pot and the that lovely bowl of stir food :)

  6. Dinner at the potter's table:
    "Let us pause a moment and take a picture of this beautiful meal."

    I seems like so many of us do that.

  7. Haha, same with me! You have your photos dialed in , that's for sure, they always look great, like the one this morning, very nice!


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