Thursday, May 16, 2013

Spring Garden

I have been working over at STARwork Garden this spring as a workshare for the CSA program. I have really enjoyed getting out to the garden in the morning and spending some time outside. Anne Partna, Blue Hen Pottery, runs the garden. She is teaching me what the weeds look like here in North Carolina so that I am not pulling up plants! Yes, there are some of the same weeds as in NH, but there are others that are different and actually look like they could be plants.

Yesterday after the veggies were picked, we cut flowers and made bouquets to go with each member's share. What fun! I am sure everyone was excited to see fresh flowers along with their vegetables. I put ours in my favorite vase. I bought this from Jeff nearly ten years ago. I love how pottery we bought from each other, traded, or gifted to one another over the years, now live in the same home again.


  1. How cool to work with another potter and learn about weeds; I bet pot talk goes on too.

    The bouquet is beautiful. I love the way your and Jeff's pots have come full circle to be together again.

  2. I love fresh flowers... they mean more to me every year.

  3. Aww, that's so romantic about the vase and being together now~ I love that!

    Looking forward to fresh flowers here in the northeast. So far daffodils & tulips...the others are coming along soon though!

  4. I was amused about the weeds.., it took me back to a gardening job that I did for someone..ONCE ONLY... when I was in my early 20s. I am still embarrassed about the numerous small bulbs that I pulled out when I mistook them for a weed form of Oxalis!

    The vase and the flowers compliment each other very well. xx
    (Thank you for your kind words on my site.) P

  5. I'm not going to get all mushy. That vase is gorgeous even without the history.

  6. A weed is just a flower that nobody loves.

    Great vase, glad you get to share it together.

  7. Tell jeffy: that vase is FUKING gorgeous :)


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