Friday, October 16, 2015

Crazy Corn

In a crazy corn dish!

Sometimes when you move, you unearth some cool stuff that you forgot about. I just happened to have this wacky ear of corn in the fridge, to go along with the dish. This piece is from the 2006 Watershed Center for Ceramic Arts, Salad Days event. The artist that year was Patrick Coughlin.
Jeff did a residency at Watershed, some years back, and went to the salad days event a number of times. He has a cool collection of plates from the fundraiser. Here is a link to 20 years of Salad Days Plates - Watershed Center For Ceramic Arts - Newcastle Maine.
Happy Friday, and don't forget to eat your vegetables.


  1. that is definitely crazy corn, made me think of candy corn, ha

  2. Very cool, I wonder how many like that he made.

    1. Jeff says he had a couple of different plates that year. The salad days artist makes 500 plates, so I assume a lot of them were the corn plates... that's a lot of plates!


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