Monday, October 19, 2015

Weekend Update

My weekend update isn't nearly as fun as Saturday Night Live's, but it was a milestone for us! 

The sign went up, Friday evening, under the cloak of darkness...

 We even have a "Pottery Highway" sign in our front yard. Check out the crazy pruning job the utility company did to our tree. I call it the big "Y".

Our temporary gallery was all set up and ready for customers, by early Saturday morning.

I was pleasantly surprised at how many people stopped in throughout the day. Sales weren't stellar, but they were sales, and we were happy. Sunday was slower, but that's typical around here.

We celebrated on Friday night with the first lighting of our "new to us" fire pit. We brought it back from NH this summer, and it was finally cool enough to fire it up. Nothing tastes better than hotdogs cooked on an open fire. The downside...
They are salty and I was up drinking water half the night. It reminded me of why I don't usually eat hotdogs.


  1. Good luck getting the rest of it done !

  2. Most impressed with your temporary gallery and with your sign, it looks a great place to visit! I was amused by the hotdogs!

  3. Looking good! Are you leaving the sales tent up all the time? Or do you just have it up on weekends. You displays are always so elegant and inviting!

    1. We are leaving it up. Too lazy to take it down! It's weighted on all four corners and also screwed into the pavement. Hopefully it will only be up for two weeks.

  4. Very nice, I’m glad to see things coming together for you. I wonder if the tent didn’t help attract customers as well as the sign.

  5. booth looks super, love the banner at the back of the tent and the inviting carpet, need to cozy up to that fire pit; they really butchered that tree tor the electric line didn't they. wish they'd make them more pleasing to the eye,


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