Monday, November 2, 2015

Who'll Stop the Rain?

If you have the power, please do it!

The rain has put us behind in construction. Yesterday, despite the drizzle, Jeff went out and worked on the drainage system that he is installing in front of the new gallery space. We were getting water in one corner. To divert it, Jeff cut the asphalt out, dug a trench, and installed a drainage pipe with a grate at the door. Yesterday I helped him install the flashing before he set the drain. This week we hope to have our lawn guy deliver crushed stone to fill in the pipe.
This morning we have a steady rain. I went out to check the gallery and it seems the pipe is doing it's job. It was good to have a test before it gets filled in, but the test is complete and the rain can stop!

During the rain we did get quite a few pots made. The dampness means it takes forever for things to get to the trimming point. I am hoping to finish trimming bowls today so that I can apply slip and carve tomorrow. After the bowls there will be piggy banks to assemble. Hopefully when I am done, the sun will be shining once more.

We have to get this space completely closed in and insulated before it gets too cold. The temperatures have been with us these past few weeks, but now it's November and things can change quickly.


  1. we're getting a ton of rain too, but we are lucky we haven't had too much cold yet this year

    1. We haven't had to turn the heat on yet. I think our house is well insulated. I think it was about 65 degrees in the house a couple mornings, but it has mostly stayed 68-72. I hope it lasts!

  2. I hear you, it’s too much for my basement to handle so I’ve got an indoor swimming pool. I need Jeff to make us a drain too.

  3. Those who have power over the rain are too wise to use it to stop rain from falling. Sorry, not that I'm one of them! But I sure know how humidity can yuck things up with clay work.

  4. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other

  5. I have said it before, jeff is handy! But then again, potters must be, right?


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