Monday, December 7, 2015

Making a list, checking it twice...

Friday was a glaze marathon. I had to glaze 9 salt pigs, 12 regular piggy banks, 1 personalized piggy, and 2 cow banks... along with other miscellaneous pots. Each was a special order, in a specific glaze combination. I made a paper list and crossed them off as I completed them. THEN I double checked them all with my orders list on Etsy. Let me tell you, that's when having a smart phone comes in handy. No running to my computer to check.

Each pig got a little note underneath him, to remind me of the glaze combos. This was our first round of glazing in our new space. We finally set the walkout basement up to accommodate glaze mixing and glazing. There is still a lot of tweaking to be done, but it feels like it's going to work out great. The new windows and doors let in lots of bright sun light from morning until early afternoon. 

This is our last firing in the kiln at the log cabin. This meant we had to carefully pack the pots and drive them a mile down the road. We managed to do it with only one mug getting a spot of glaze knocked off! Determined to fire on Saturday, we worked until 1:30 in the morning, had a quick dinner (or was that really breakfast?) at 2:00 am, and fell into bed, exhausted, around 3:00 am.
At 7:30 Jeff got up and lit the first burner. It was a big hurrah when cone 10 went down at 6:30 pm!
Toes and fingers crossed for a great firing. Lots people's Christmas presents are in this kiln.

The Japanese maple at the log cabin is looking lovely. Jeff brought home some cuttings to display in the gallery. Seems so strange, to a New Hampshire gal, to still have leaves on trees in December.


  1. love the maple leaves, cow banks have I seen those ? how udderly creative, couldn't resist.

  2. The salt pig design = brilliant :) I too have the kiln packed and glaze firing right this very minute and FINGERS ALSO crossed that it is a success, for me and you !

  3. The long day of a potter at during the holiday season.

  4. Best of luck with the firing! It is pretty amazing for December weather.


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