Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Our kiln move is starting to seem real!!

Jeff and his brother John built the forms this week to pour the concrete pad for our kiln. We are so grateful that the temperatures have been with us to do this outdoor work. Today our man with the tractor, Keith Cagle, came and did some grade work for us. Keith is a hard working guy with reasonable rates. We are so glad he was recommended to us. Our budget is limited (very limited) and we appreciate all he has done for us.
When our work is done here, Jeff has gone every evening to the log cabin to start breaking down the kiln. We need pallets to load the brick on and after posting on facebook, of our need, we had lots of offers from area potters, to borrow pallets. What a great community we live in!!!!

While Jeff and I work hard to fulfill holiday orders and prepare for kiln building, Sophie cat has taken advantage of us...

This is the first time I have EVER caught her sleeping on the coffee table!

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