Thursday, December 17, 2015

Winter Blooms

The camellia bushes are starting to bloom in our yard. This New Hampshire native is still amazed, even after living here in North Carolina for over five years, that these flowers bloom late fall, into early winter! There are about five of these bushes around our house. They are loaded with buds. Each day I go out and check to see what has bloomed and what is on the verge.

The rain today changed our plans. We were all set to do another cone 10 glaze firing in our raku kiln, but it was way too wet to manage. One day won't set us back too badly and it's not worth the risk of making mistakes in judgement because you are cold, wet, and tired. The weather will be better tomorrow and we will be able to fire with clear heads. Everything is glazed and loaded and we will get an early start. Our last orders will ship on Monday... arriving for the Christmas holiday with no time to spare. We are living on the edge, like most potters this time of year.


  1. winter beauty how wonderful, we are subject to mother nature

  2. The flowers are gorgeous and GOLLY yes that is some fine timing, good luck with the firing!

  3. One of my favorite things about the south! We had a beautiful camellia when I was a kid, I loved floating them in a glass dish with water. I remember going out in the mornings before school and clipping one for my teacher. Do kids still bring things to their teachers, I wonder?

  4. So pretty. May your firing be successful now that rain has passed and brought us chilly weather.


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