Saturday, February 20, 2016

Crazy Cat Lady?

I love cats. Jeff and I moved to North Carolina with his three elderly cats and my middle aged Sophie. The elder kitties have all passed on and we are now a one cat home, with no plans to add more at this stage in our lives.

This week I discovered a new way to satisfy the kitty urge.

Neko Atsume... Kitty Collector!

I can now collect cats inexpensively, on my smart phone, with an app. Yes, there really is an app for that! Cats are attracted to your "yard" by placing food, toys, and boxes. They arrive at different times to play and eat. 
You can take their picture and save them to an album. The more attractive you make your yard, the more cats you will attract. So far, I have only had three at one time. Usually there is only one. Sometimes when I check in, the food is gone and so are the cats. 

My real-life cat doesn't like to have her picture taken. Occasionally I am able to sneak up on her. Jeff and I love our Sophie. She gives us hours of pleasure and entertainment. I adopted her from the NH Animal Rescue League when she was just a kitten... she will be 15 years old next fall! She LOVES being an only cat... I won't tell her about the new virtual pets.


  1. Ha ha, ROLF or whatever they say. Such a sweetie Sophie is, obviously helping with some paperwork. Yep, I'm down to one cat also, and plan to stay that way.

  2. Sophie looks like my Betty; I don't need an app Barney keeps me busy going in and out he has gotten spoiled.


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