Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Week is Blowing By.... Literally!

We had quite a day of weather yesterday. Extremely high winds, heavy rain, thunder, and throw in a tornado watch, to add to the excitement. Of course we had important plans for the day. Earlier in the week, Jeff had dug a trench and laid our gas line for the kiln. The propane company was scheduled to come and set our tank yesterday. We also had a very tall, and very dead pine tree situated close to where the tank was going. It was also a little too close for comfort to the kiln shed. Jeff made the decision to cut it down yesterday morning, before the propane tank arrived and before the wind took it down. He was able to drop the tree just as the wind picked up. He limbed the trunk and we started hauling the limbs to our burn pile behind the house. The sky opened up just before we finished. Drenched to the skin, with thunder overhead, we decided to call it a day.

We woke to sunshine, but continued high winds. I made quick work of moving the remaining limbs, while Jeff took the chain saw to the trunk. Local potter Chad Brown will come in a few days for the big chunks. He will split them and used them to fire his wood kiln.

Jeff has been making progress on the kiln. My job has consisted mostly of sorting through brick and stacking them in the shed.

Jeff determined that we won't need to order any new arch brick, he has been cutting some of the brick we have on hand into the correct dimensions.

and I almost forgot to mention... the propane company had to cancel on us because they had too many weather related emergency calls. Our new date is March 15th, which is way too late for our schedule. They promised they would try hard to get here sooner. They know we are a business and a delay affects us tremendously. We will sit tight and be patient.
Everything works out in the end.


  1. It was indeed some weather! Here's hoping the propane company comes through soon.

  2. You are so resourceful, but who can count on outside delays?

  3. we have had wind and rain and it snowed last night. are there any other propane companies there ?

    1. There are other companies, but we have had an account with this one for over 5 years and we get a good rate from them.

  4. Nice to have another potter use that wood for his kiln. Sorry about the propane delay though.

  5. Great to see pics of all the work you all have been doing, in spite of the weather! Fingers and toes crossed for the gas coming soon!


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