Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Spring in a new home is always exciting. Each day there is a new discovery of something growing from the earth. I was tickled to death when I found we had wisteria growing along one edge of the yard. I love seeing it's bright spray of purple, hanging from trees. I also know that it can take over quite quickly, so we will have to keep an eye on it.

There are two dogwood trees in the yard. They are in full bloom.

A little cluster of iris is blooming on the edge of the lawn, near the kiln. This fall I will break them up and transplant some to the front of the house. 

Last week, Jeff came home carrying an armful of lilies. It was a special treat to have a big bouquet in the house for Easter weekend. 
As March comes to a close, I have much to look forward to in April. My sister and her granddaughter have booked a flight to visit us at the end of the month... and they are bringing my Dad! It's hard to believe that almost a year ago, he fell, broke a hip, then had a stroke. Last April I never imagined that he would be well enough to travel here.  His recovery has been remarkable. He is 89 now, and gets around the house just fine, but has one of those souped-up walkers, with brakes and a seat, for outings. I think the visit will be good for him. Good for all of us.


  1. Don't people make teapot handles from Wisteria?

  2. oh how wonderful to see all the lovely blossoms, wisteria is one my favorites, the big black bumblebees love the blossoms too and they don't sting, they just buzz your face letting you know if you get too close to them and their nectar. Your dad will enjoy visiting as well as your sister and her granddaughter

  3. Beautiful blooms! How wonderful your Dad is doing so well!

  4. I keep driving out to our new house to see what is coming up. The previous owner did extensive landscaping and has offered to make me a list of what has been planted. I think its more fun to just be surprised, but at least I will know what everything is! Now to get a garden in the ground once again!!

    1. At least if you know what is planted, you pull it up thinking it's a weed!


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