Sunday, May 1, 2016


I did the bare minimum of work for six days, but I had a really great excuse...

I had family visiting from New Hampshire! It was Spring break in the north country. My sister flew south with Dad and her grand daughter Arianna. I don't think they were at our home for more than 5 minutes when we found Arianna on top of the giant tire swing in the backyard.

 There was a couple of evenings of pottery lessons...

and a day trip to the North Carolina Zoo.

My sister and I convinced Dad that a renting a wheelchair was the way to go. The zoo is very hilly and she and I got a great workout pushing him around. A motorized scooter would have been a better option, but then again his driving skills aren't the best, and we may have had pedestrian casualties.

 Snoozing polar bear

 Carousel ride

The harbor seal and sea lions are always fun. I think it was the most I had seen my Dad smile and laugh in the two years since my mother died.

On the last day, Jeff made a small bottle that Arianna turned into her own little pig. She did a great job and is very excited about getting it back, glazed in purple, when we return to New Hampshire in the summer.

My favorite photo, Dad and Arianna. Taken just before the trip back to the airport. I never thought that my father would be able to make the trip to visit us in Seagrove. We created some wonderful memories that we will always treasure.


  1. That's awesome. The photo with Arianna and the piggy is ardorable. The look on her face says it all :)

  2. wow, that tree in your back yard is super, what a nice visit and I like that zoo

  3. What a great post, I can just feel your happiness! I remember all of that tragedy with your mom and dad, and to see him smiling is priceless for you I'm sure!
    We had Wesley's birthday party at that same zoo twenty years ago, hard to believe its been that long!

  4. Indeed, you had the best excuse. How good you had time to enjoy your loved ones visit, and create such happy memories.

  5. Sounds great. Glad you had this time with your Dad.

  6. That looks like a really fun time. It’s so great to see your father is able to travel and enjoy time with you all.

  7. OH! I am so glad he made it to your new house :)


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