Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Korean Potters Are Coming!

Jeff has been planning this exhibition with the Arts Council of Moore County for over a year. It's exciting now that the time draws near. Jeff and I will be hosting the three potters in our home. Thankfully, one of the potters speaks some English, and Jeff knows a little Korean. It will be a great experience for all of us! 
The exhibition opens with a reception on Friday, June 3rd. The next day there will be a festival on the grounds of Campbell House Galleries with area potters selling their work, Korean kick wheel demonstrations, along with traditional Korean food and North Carolina barbecue. 

On June 2nd, the three potters will present a talk and slide show at the North Carolina Pottery Center in Seagrove. The presentation begins at 6pm with a potluck meal. There will be an interpreter to help facilitate communication.

If you are in the area, save the date.  


  1. This is so exciting! I hope you, or someone, will take lots of pictures and give us reports.
    Perhaps someday I will get down your way.

  2. how wonderful good for Jeff, I am sure it isn't easy planning an exhibit such as this


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