Thursday, June 30, 2016

Family Break

I am back after a brief hiatus from blogging. I had a really good excuse to take a break.

My girl flew in from Connecticut for a few days! This year she got her turn on the tire swing, since the area is now "poison ivy free". We were pretty chill this visit. No huge plans. Just hanging out together.

We took a drive out to the Town Creek Indian Mound in Mt. Gilead, NC and learned a little history about native american life in North Carolina. 

The historical site depends mostly on state funding for operations and maintenance. Sadly, the information building and some of the exhibits are looking tired and worn. 

Danielle and I still enjoyed our visit. We had a picnic lunch on the grounds before heading out to Pinehurst to do a little shopping.

Jeff wheeled out the smoker on Sunday and barbecued some tasty ribs. We had a great feast which included sweet potato salad, caprese salad, and grilled figs with goat cheese.

and did I mention wine?

Sadly, on Monday, I had to drive Danielle back to the airport. Saying good bye is so very hard. The only thing that takes the sting off of it, is that we head north in August and we will have a few days together again.

Prior to the girl's arrival, I worked furiously to finish a whole mess of pigs. In between the piggy banks, there were couple of carved vases... because I can't live on pigs alone. 

Yesterday was spent sanding pots and loading the kiln for a bisque firing. Once that's done, we will glaze and load her up again. Vacation is officially over.


  1. what a nice time even if it was short, what is sweet potato salad ? never made them in salad before

    1. Linda, here is the recipe:
      I like it better than a traditional potato salad, it's much lighter and maybe a little better for you. I think you can cut down the mayo and add more greek yogurt for the dressing.

  2. How nice to have even a short visit before you go all out for N.H.

  3. Ugh, those mother daughter goodbyes! They suck :(
    My mother in law used to take Wesley to Town Creek when she was a little girl. When my husband was a little boy they would go there and find arrowheads all over the place. So sad that this country doesn't have the funding for the right things, but seems to have plenty of money to waste on dumb shit!


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