Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Pigs are Multiplying

I haven't been able to keep up with having piggy banks and salt pigs in stock since last fall. When we were firing in the small gas kiln I could only keep up with orders. I am happy to say that now that our kiln is built, the pig population is growing. I like to have at least a dozen on the shelves, and in the Etsy shop, that are ready to go. 

This salt pig is a re-fire from when we were having issues with pin holing in the nuka white glaze. The second firing smoothed out the glaze, but the green always changes color on it's second trip through the kiln. It's lighter and brighter and I am sure someone will love it. Lately the salt pig sales numbers have been creeping up to the piggy banks. A year and a half ago I tried to stop making them, but the public said "No!".

Jeff and I also made the decision to purchase the next size up in corks for the piggy bank snouts. We had a few international buyers mention that they have some larger coins than here in the U.S. This new size should be more universal. It's kind of neat to look back over the years and see how the piggy banks have evolved. Change can be a good thing.

Speaking of change, I forgot to blog about our town election results. The alcohol referendum passed in Seagrove! We will be able to purchase beer and wine at stores within town limits. Now we can also hope for a nice little restaurant to open... perhaps with a micro-brewery... and walking distance to my house. I like to dream big... and if you can dream it, it can happen.


  1. those pigs have a mind of their own

  2. A nice little restaurant with a microbrewery sounds very nice!

  3. Like the sound of change . . . in the bank!

  4. This is why Germans think pigs at new years are lucky :)

  5. Some pigs! Pigs are a Swedish thing too! (I had to learn to make pig whistles for Paul)


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