Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A Working Holiday

I tip toed out to the studio this morning to snap a few quick photos of work that I have in progress. I had a big need to make pots that I wanted to make, not pots that were ordered and needed to be of a certain type and design. This weekend I spent some time with my favorite b-mix clay body. I have had oval bakers on my mind, but opted for round instead. I just didn't want to deal with the heartache of cracks after spending hours on assembling and decorating. The plain round ones will get some ginkgo leaves carved into them. I altered the rims on a couple and played with stamps and slip trailed dots. The dots are slip I made with b-mix. They wont have a color, they will just add a texture to the surface.

I just had to step out of the studio and snap some photos of my zinnias, despite being in my pajamas and despite the fact that we now live in town. Thankfully our house sits back from the road and I don't think anyone saw me... and who cares if they did?!

These flowers are growing like crazy and I love that I planted them from seeds. Something I have rarely done. I am much more frugal as I get older. I also think that I take more time to enjoy nurturing them and watching them sprout.

The holiday weekend was great for business. We had a lot of traffic through the gallery. People were spending money. It was our best weekend in months. Last night we took a breather to celebrate Independence Day. Our friend and neighbor Phil came over with a juicy, sweet watermelon to share. We grilled some chicken, and watched the fire works in Boston on the television. No crowds, no bugs, a comfortable sofa, and air conditioning. The air conditioning promptly decided to quit when the fireworks were over. We have been battling with it all weekend. A part is on order and should arrive today or tomorrow. Hopefully it does the trick, if not, it's time to call in the professionals $$$$.


  1. love the wavy baker and the curly zinnias, fingers crossed for the ac

  2. So glad you had a good weekend in the gallery, & a good 4th. I love the color of the pink zinnia. Well done on starting them from seed! Hope this next fix is the charm for the a/c.

  3. Around here I find an oval baker brings about $10 more than a round one for twice as much work.

    1. Dennis, I think you are right. I carved ginkgo leaves into these and I think I will be able to price them the same as the ovals, without the headache and the loss rate.

  4. Yes, carved and decorated things are very popular to lots of people! Love the bakers!


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