Thursday, July 28, 2016

It' Hot, Hot, Hot!!!

The heat has been relentless here in North Carolina. By late afternoon my New Guinea Impatiens is looking rather droopy. 

Luckily with a good watering, it bounces right back. We really haven't had any rain to speak of in a few weeks. Wherever we have bare earth in our yard, it is beginning to crack. There have been many afternoons with the threat of a thunderstorm, but it all we get are a few rumbles of thunder and a little sprinkle of rain.

Most of my plants are thriving, thanks to a nightly hand watering. The butterflies are enjoying the zinnias.

Despite the heat, we have been sanding bisque ware outdoors, and loading the kiln. We manage to get it done with lots of water and A/C breaks. Everything seems to take longer than usual.

The last two days were spent glazing. Tomorrow we will fire the gas kiln one last time before we head to New Hampshire for the League of NH Craftsmen's Fair. We are hoping for cooler temperatures when we head north! We are in a new space at the fair this year... tent 6, booth 611. It's a corner booth, which should give us some good visibility. I am looking forward to seeing family and friends. Just not looking forward to packing.


  1. we've been really hot too, but this week we've gotten a reprieve and yesterday some rain although we are way behind the normal for rain. Hope your new booth location is extra kind to you.

  2. The heat and dry has been something, hasn't it? I try to do all I can outdoors early in the day. We lost one of our littlest chicks yesterday, & today one of our oldest hens is wobbly and hanging out near the water. It's tough on everyone. Here's hoping for cooler days, Here & in NH.


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